After the simple setup of the first performance, we decided to work on the physical element of the performance, defining a structure for the circuits and a particular design for the containers themselves.
The choice has been to protect the circuits in a silicon mold, in order to keep them safe from the wet jelly and at the same time to have a material that could fit with the aesthetic qualities of it.
Here there is the casting process of those semi-organic-looking elements.


Ursuppe is a sound performance that involves jelly made out of the seaweed “Agar agar” and analog oscillators, in a setup that creates a complex soundscape characterized by unpredictability and uncertainty.
Due to its own properties, Agar agar is an herb used in different fields like gastronomy, electrochemistry, pharmacology and DNA sequencing.

When is cooked into jelly it creates a semi-solid structure of proteins which can contain different substances that might give to the material particular characteristics. In this case, the salinity allows the flow of electricity.Ursuppe is based on a system made out of different modules of conductive Agar agar, and electronic oscillators and sound amplifiers cast in a jelly-like material.

Those islands are interconnected: the resistance of the jelly modulates the oscillators and the sound produced by the latters is injected back into the mold. This create a feedback loop that is chemically modifying the material and its properties. These changes will then affect the way the electricity flows through the materials, creating an unstable and self-influencing process.

The performers shape a network of relations between the different islands and modify throughout it the flow of energy. Their action aims to find some interesting music patterns which are emerging from the structure and to try to keep them stable.
This system is producing a stratified and unstable mixture of drones with a variable frequency and oscillating rhythmic figures.
A video camera placed above the performers shows on a bigger scale the actions of the performers, their effect on the matter, and its oxidation and liquefaction.

This is the presentation of the first edition of Ursuppe, performed in Rother Krebs (Linz) the last 25th of May.

It consisted in an unstable soundscape of drones and oscillating rhythmic figures, repetitive patterns that changed slowly over time.
The sound is produced by a series of oscillators that are connected with organic materials, whose are conducting electricity and therefore modulating the electronics that are connected to them. 
Electricity and performers are then modifying the materials, the latter trying to find and keep interesting sound patterns that emerge.